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Super Rake

We've been building the Super Rake since the 1970's. It has undergone many innovations and improvements but its reliability hasn't changed in the least.

  • All hydraulic operation (traction drive and implement deployment).
  • 16 hp (12 kW) twin-cylinder Vanguard engine power.
  • Choice of 2 or 3 wheel drive.
  • "Pro-Pedal" progressive throttle to hydraulic pedal control.
  • "Speed Boss" operating speed control system.

Download: Technical Specifications PDF Document         



13-550 Super Rake 3-WD Bunker Rake
13-551 Super Rake 2-WD Bunker Rake

POWER 16hp (12 kW) Vanguard V-twin cylinder , air cooled, gasoline cast iron sleeves, 29.3 cu. In. displacement, electronic ignition, full pressure lubrication with oil filter Engine mounted air cleaner and remote mounted Donaldson air intake filtration
CONFIGURATION 3-wheel tricycle configuration, rear engine placement.
DRIVE Direct drive hydrostatic variable displacement pump to two hydraulic drive motors on rear wheels (Model 13-551 2-wheel drive) or to two hydraulic drive motors on rear wheels and one hydraulic motor on front wheel (Model 13-550 3-wheel drive). Hydraulic oil system cooler with engine driven air flow.
SPEED Model 13-550 (3 wheel drive) 0-9 mph (0-15 kph)
Model 13-551 (2 wheel drive) 0-12 mph (0-20 kph)
BRAKING Dynamic breaking through the hydrostatic transmission.
Hand operated, disc type park/emergency brake.
MAIN FRAME Heavy gauge steel tubing, hydraulically formed, electrically welded.
TIRES/WHEELS Purchasers choice of
(3) 22-1100 x 10 knobbed sand tire -or-
(3) 23-1050 x 12 turf tire
STEERING Manual front wheel steering, 15 in (38 cm) diameter automotive steering wheel, steering chain and sprocket to front wheel
CONTROLS Foot pedal for forward and rear operation of hydraulic system
"Pro-Pedal" system connects engine throttle to hydraulic demand
(Engine speed increases as hydraulic system demand increases)
"Speed Boss" pre-set speed control system on hydrostatic transmission
SEAT Low back adjustable deluxe seat, 1 piece molded, 1/2 back support
ELECTRICAL 12 volt battery ; 12 volt electric starter, side mounted Ignition switch, operator presence switch in seat.
SOUND LEVEL 88dB(A) under normal operating conditions
DIMENSIONS 85 in (216 cm)-74 in (112 cm)-44 in (112 cm)-
 Wheelbase 47 (119cm)
Ground Clearance 7 in (16 cm)  -under cultivator
WEIGHT 990 lbs (449 kg) (13-550 / 13-551)
LIQUID CAPACITIES Hydraulic system oil: 3.2 gallons (12.2 liter) in high density polyethylene tank Gasoline (unleaded): 5 gallons (19 liter) in high density polyethylene tank
SAFETY & CONFORMANCE Operator presence switch in seat for engine start Complies with all applicable ANSI, OSHA, and European Machinery Directive standards
IMPLEMENTS Many efficient and effective implements for constructing and maintenance sand bunkers and other areas on the golf course.
  Rear Mounted Implements  
13-298 Fan Rake for Sand Traps 36
13-319 Fan Rake Add On for 13-438 Rake Assembly 20
13-438 Sand Trap Rake Assembly 66
13-684 Brush Attachment for all rakes except 42-130 20
13-740 Brush Attachment for 42-130 20
34-191 Box Grader 273
42-130 84" (213 cm) Mild Steel Tournament Rake 85
42-132 72" (189 cm) Mild Steel Tournament Rake 75
42-391 72" (189 cm) Tournament Rake w/ Flex Brush Raking System 90
42-392 84" (213 cm) Tournament Rake w/ Flex Brush Raking System 100
Center Mounted Implements
13-116 Sand Cultivator 35
13-199 Edger 48
Front Mounted Implements
13-644 Front Mounted Plow (aluminum blade) 65
42-550B Green Star Total RBS System Complete Roller, Brush and Spiker & mounting frame Fits Smithco Super Star, Super Rake, Supreme & Toro Sand Pro built 1992 & later. 285
42-586 Green Star RBS Main Frame only
Complete Roller, Brush and Spiker & mounting frame
42-581 Green Star Roller Set (3) only
(Requires 42-586 Main Frame Assembly)
42-585 Green Star Brush Set (3) only
(Requires 42-586 Main Frame Assembly)
42-582 Green Star Spiker Set (3) only
(Requires 42-586 Main Frame Assembly)